• What is the application procedure?
    • 01

      online applicatoin
    • 02

      review of your application
    • 03

      introductory interview
    • 04

      in-depth interview
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    For more details, please view the Job Application Process.

  • What sort of personnel does ALTEN require?

    We have a particular need for those with specialist technical skills, but we also regularly require personnel who are looking to work in business management or our back office. Furthermore we are always looking out for committed and motivated students, primarily in the technology field, who will enhance our team and provide support on specific projects or perform certain duties in departments.

    See our job market  for our current vacancies. If you can’t find a job offer that would suit you, try sending us an unsolicited application.

  • What is employee’s career path?

    ALTEN offer a dynamic, cross departmental and transnational career management to ensure the constant evolution, both horizontally and vertically, of the group’s employees working in the managerial and technical fields, opening up new prospects for their professional development.

    A career path full of opportunities:


  • What kind of welfare does ALTEN China provide?

    Annual physical check-up

    Holiday cards and birthday gifts

    Endowment insurance

    Medical insurance

    Unemployment insurance

    Employment injury insurance

    Maternity insurance

    Housing Provident Fund

    Supplementary medical insurance

    Team building activities

  • What will my routine work be like when l am assigned to a project at ALTEN?

    It is our policy to give you assignments that suit your qualifications and professional interests and this means that we will include you in the project selection process from the very beginning. Depending on the nature of the project, you will either be assigned to a project team working for the client on-site or in one of our subsidiaries. The business manager supervising you will thus provide you with the necessary support prior to project start-up and during the induction phase to ensure that you are appropriately integrated in the existing team.

  • Will I also be able to work abroad?

    In some cases, we need experienced professionals whom we can immediately assign to projects based abroad.

    For more information, please see our job vacancy postings.  If you would prefer to take up employment with an ALTEN Group subsidiary located abroad, please send your application directly to the company in question.

  • Once I finish one project, what will I do next?

    We have a close and long-term relationship with our market leading clients, so that our projects are always stable. If your personal intention is not changed, we will send you to another appropriate project of which is either the same client or another in the same industry, depending on the project and your skills.

  • Is there any foreign language requirement of being an ALTEN’S employee?

    Most of ALTEN China’s clients are foreign enterprises and we also have foreigner employees, so basic English communication skill is a must. French or German will be a plus.

  • I have questions that are not answered here. Who can I contact?

    Please send us an e-mail: to the contact form .Or please follow our Wechat Official account (ALTEN Group) and leave a message, we will answer your question promptly.